Alpine Web Team
Boutique Design and Hosting

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Don’t let your voice get lost in all the noise on the web! You need to connect with your audience. I can help.
Alpine Web Team is a boutique host and design shop with a focus on customer service.

Single Serve Sites start at $500 and include one email address and one year of static hosting.
Alpine Web Team is a small firm with a desire to help you make a BIG impact on your market. In order to compete you must have a web presence and it can seem like a daunting task. I make it easy for you by providing both setup and maintenance for your WordPress Blog or Single Serve Site.

24/7 monitoring: It's 2am, do you know what your web-site is doing? I use a 24hr a day, 7 days a week monitoring system to alert me if there is ever an issue connecting to your site.
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A Single Serve Site gives you an outlet to reach your audience in a self-contained solution that is easy on the budget. Includes 12 months of hosting and 1 personalized email address.

My Single Serve Site is a great way to get your message out in an easy to read, one page format. It is the perfect platform for product announcements, campaign/political advertisements, online business cards, etc. This option is dependent on you having a domain name ( I can provide this service if needed.
A WordPress Blog gives you unlimited possibilities for sharing with your audience. Want to give them updates everyday? No problem. Sharing photos, audio or video from recent events? Got you covered.

This web-site includes pages for your bio, a contact form, and a home page where you can post updates and blog entries. I will load your basic content such as your biographical information and mission statement to get you started. Also included is an area to display upcoming events and links to other web-sites that you feel would be useful to your visitors.
This option is dependent on you having a domain name ( and a web hosting account. I can provide this service if needed.
Along with the two styles of web-sites, I can provide you with the necessary hosting for your Wordpress Blog and social media integration.

Basic Maintenance & Hosting Package- $25 (per month)
Includes hosting service for your website and five email addresses. I will take care of the installation of regular software updates and security patches as they become available. Also, I’ll add or change your content (text, photos, or videos) with a 48 hour turnaround time.

Premium Maintenance Package – $50 (per month)
Includes hosting service for your website and five email addresses. This package includes all of the Basic Monthly Maintenance features plus 24 hour turnaround time on changes and a weekly backup of your web-site and database.

Twitter: @alpinewebteam
Phone: 832-293-3263